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Tours of tourist attractions

Bespoke group tours of tourist attractions.

The Tourist Office offers a tour guide service for groups interested in guided tours of the historical centre, cathedral, museums and other buildings of interest. Tours can be combined according to the group’s preferences.

The following options are available:

Carrer de la Riera

Route around Vic’s historical centre

Route around the historical area, taking in the Roman Temple, city walls, Romanesque bridge, Plaça Major, City Hall, etc. (1 hour)




Nau central de la catedral
Central nave of the cathedral

Guided tour focusing on the decorative elements by Josep M. Sert and the set of chapels that form the main area of the cathedral (30 min.)


Catedral exteriorVic Cathedral

In addition to the paintings by Josep M. Sert in the central nave of the cathedral, the tour takes in the Romanesque crypt, the Gothic cloister and the reredos by Pere Oller (1 hour)


Admission per person:

Individual admission €2
Admission per person in a group €1 (from 10 people)
Times: From Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm
            From April 10 to September 25 from 10 am to 1 pm and from 5 pm to 8 pm

MEV interiorMedieval Art Museum of Vic

Guided tour of the rooms of Romanesque and Gothic painting and sculpture, one of the leading collections of its kind in Europe (1 hr. 30 min.)

Tour of all the museum’s collections: archaeology, Romanesque and Gothic art, liturgical vestments, decorative arts, etc. (2 hr.)

Admission per person:

Individual admission €8,5
Admission per person in a group €5,5 (from 15 people)
Concessions: €5,5 per person

Leather Art Museum

Tour of the collection of leather exhibits, of great artistic value and from a wide variety of places and periods... (1 hour)


Admission per person:

Individual admission €3
Admission per person in a group €2 (from 15 people)

sala de la columna

Vic City Hall

Tour of the first floor of Vic City Hall. Includes the Gallery of Illustrious Vigatans (residents of Vic) and several paintings by Josep M. Sert (30 min.)



Church of the Monastery of Santa Teresa

Tour including the reredos of the main altarpiece and the Easter monument - two masterpieces of the Catalan baroque period (30 min.)


Admission per person: €1

Església dels DolorsChurch of Els Dolors

Tour of one of the churches that best represents of the Vic baroque style. It is the starting point for the procession of the Armats (Roman soldiers) that takes place on Palm Sunday (30 min.)


Campanar de la Pietat

Bell tower of the Church of La Pietat

This 17th-century church stands at the highest point of the historical centre of Vic, with a bell tower that overlooks the city and plain.





Admission per person: €2

Sala Modernista - Casino

Casa Comella/Vic Casino

The tour of the facilities of Vic Casino (social club) includes the modernist dance hall, housed in a 19th-century manor house (30 min.) 




Bespoke tours can be booked for any day of the week by calling the Vic Tourist Office on 938 862 091. You are recommended to book one week ahead of the guided tour.


Coach parking facility at the bus station, a five-minute walk from the city centre. A fee of €6.50 is charged.

Opening times

By arrangement. Please take into account the visit times of the various sites


Tour guide fees:  
€45/hr. guided tour in Catalan or Spanish
€56/hr. guided tour in English or French
This price does not include the admission fees of the sites that charge them.

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