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The City

The City of Vic

Lying halfway between the sea and the Pyrenees, and just 70 kilometres from Barcelona, the city of Vic is the main demographic, administrative and services centre of a geographical area whose influence extends beyond the boundaries of the county of Osona. 

Vic’s long history, present in the streets and squares of the historical centre, coexists in harmony with recent urban developments, which in addition to its busy fairs and markets, the consolidation of the University of Vic and the growth of its industrial estates, reflect the dynamism of a cosmopolitan city. 

It is a city rich in contrasts, a meeting point between tradition and modernity, between the legacy of the rural world and modern urban infrastructures, between the peace and quiet of a small city and fun, festive events.

Vic’s great wealth of heritage, clear to see in the quality of its museums, archives and historical buildings, as well as in the large number of associations devoted to all sorts of fields, is the expression of a city brimming with civic, cultural and artistic activity. The city’s economic structure is based on the retail, industrial and services sectors. 

The array of shops in Vic are a strong attraction thanks to their high degree of specialisation. The industrial sector is characterised by its diversity, the most prominent sectors being agri-food, leather and metal. As regards services, the city boasts a wide range of administrative, healthcare, educational and social infrastructures and services. 

As an episcopal see and capital of the county of Osona, Vic plays an active and important part in Catalonia’s network of cities. New transport routes and the improvement of existing ones have placed the city in a fantastic position to meet the demands of a modern society while preserving its essence and special character.

Basic information on the city
County: Osona
No. inhabitants: 47.545 (1/1/2022)
Altitude: 485 m
Surface area: 30.92 km2

Vic City Council
C. Ciutat, 1. 08500 Vic
Tel. +34 938 862 100
Fax: +34 938 862 921

Vic Tourist Office
Plaça del Pes, 08500 Vic
Tel. +34 938 862 091

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Weather in Vic

  • 33°C ·  18°C

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