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Nature tourism

Nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts will find plenty to do in the area surrounding the city of Vic, such as hot air balloon flights, walking routes and biking routes, etc.

Walking routes

The county of Osona boasts ten short-distance (petit recorregut-PR) routes and various long-distance (gran recorregut-GR) routes that offer visitors the chance to enjoy spectacular natural settings and to explore places of historical interest. Noteworthy examples include the Paths of Bishop and Abbot Oliba, a route which connects the points of influence of this important historical figure, the Camí Ral (Royal Way) connecting Vic to Olot, and the Way of Saint James. The local routes in the Vic area are a great way to enjoy environmental and scenic values right next to the city.

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Biking routes

The Vic Plain MTB Centre offers mountain biking enthusiasts more than 200 kilometres of signposted routes and links up with the other two MTB centres in the county of Osona: Sau Valley-Collsacabra and Lluçanès.

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Hot air balloon rides

The geographical characteristics of the Vic Plain make it an ideal location for hot air ballooning. Several companies offer you the chance to enjoy the unique experience of contemplating the city and county from the sky. A sensation that will stay with you forever.

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Horse Riding Centres

The city of Vic boasts two long-established horse-riding centres that offer various activities.

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