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Cultural tourism

To stroll around the historical centre of Vic is to stroll around the past and history of our country. A signposted route takes in 30 buildings of historical, architectural or artistic interest, such as the 2nd-century Roman Temple, the 14th-century city walls, the cathedral with its combination of Romanesque, Gothic, baroque and neoclassical architecture, the Plaça Major (also known as Plaça Mercadal) and the city hall... This fascinating route is also a great way to visit the city’s art galleries and museums. The jewel in the crown is the Episcopal Museum of Vic, which boasts one of the best collections of Romanesque and Gothic art in Europe. Special mention must also be made of the permanent exhibition of paintings by Josep Maria Sert, distributed in different venues across the city.


Vic’s great wealth of heritage is on display in its museums, above all in the Episcopal Museum of Vic and the Leather Art Museum.

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The cathedral churches and the other buildings that formed part of the bishopric’s allodium were founded in the 11th century in the lower part of the historical centre, close to the river.

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Josep Maria Sert

In recent years, Vic has become an essential place to visit in order to discover the work of Josep M. Sert (1874 - 1945).

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Roman Temple

The Roman Temple, dating back to the beginning of the 1st century, is Vic’s most important historical monument

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L'Atlàntida Theatre

L’Atlàntida, the Performing Arts Centre of Osona, lets you into a world of sensations, excitement and reflection.

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ACVic Centre d'Arts

ACVic Center for Contemporary Arts is a public cultural facility for promoting the creation, research, production and dissemination of proposals linked to contemporary artistic practices.

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The Jewish heritage

The Jewish quarter in Vic was located between Malla's place and Guiu street.

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