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The Vicpuntzero site offers an immersive experience at the highest point of the historical centre, the place where Vic came into being 2,000 years ago with the creation of the Roman city of Auso. This epicentre is now the starting point for visitors keen to explore Vic, interpret its past and understand its present. This
is where our history begins…
The Vicpuntzero Experience is a guided tour that offers visitors a reinterpretation of the archaeological complex of the baroque Church of La Pietat and its bell tower, and of the Fonda Chapel archaeological site, which contains Late Antique and mediaeval remains. The tour is capped by an immersive audio-visual experience with a powerful and innovative technological design, entitled “Vic, a journey through time and art”, taking visitors on a journey through the history of the city with art as the common thread
Mention should be made of the architectural intervention, which has enhanced the value of this heritage complex, carried out by the architect Toni Gironès, which was a finalist in the awards for the Promotion of Arts and Design (FAD) in the City category and Landscape 2021

Visits, timetables, rates and practical informationGuided tour of the Vicpuntzero Experience guided tour
Of all the areas of the site, which includes the archaeological site, the climb up the bell tower, the space above the chapels and the immersive audiovisual. Duration 1h30m
Guided tour Discover Vic 
Guided tour of all the spaces of Vicpuntzero, archaeological site, viewing of the immersive audiovisual, climb to the bell tower and visit to the Church of the Pietat to continue the tour through the historic center of the city and entrance to the central nave of the cathedral. Duration 2h
Free entry to the Pietat church
Every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 10am to 12pm
The spaces that can be visited are: central nave, sacristy, deep chapel and overchapels. The bell tower and the immersive audiovisual are reserved for guided tours
Visit Experience Vicpuntzero at 12 noon
Visit Discover Vic at 5pm S
Visit Experience Vicpuntzero at 12 p.m
Vicpuntzero Experience tour: €6
Discovering Vic tour: €8
Combined tour (Soon)
Concessions: €4
Tickets must be purchased on the website ( or in person at the Vic Tourist Office, Plaça del Pes  
Conditions of the visit to consider:
Tickets for the visit will be collected at the Vic Tourist Office.

Visits begin in the same office

Tickets must be purchased through our or from half an hour before each session and up to ten minutes before at the Vic Tourist Office

All types of visit are accompanied by a guide, except the Free Entry

Due to the characteristics of the space, it is necessary to wear comfortable shoes, in no case a stiletto heel

The visit is accessible for people with functional diversity with the exception of the bell tower and the high spaces of the church 

Sign language translation service is available to individuals / groups who request it in advance

All visits are in Catalan. The immersive audiovisual can also be viewed in Spanish, English or French.  For full visits in other languages (Spanish, English and French) prior reservation is required at the Tourist Office

Pets are not allowed, with the exception of guide dogs

A space, 2000 years of history Free evening activity.
Duration 5 minutes.
Programming on special dates

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