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Vic Jazz Festival

Two weeks in May devoted to avant-garde jazz, fostering new music and serving as a showcase event for the experimental jazz scene.

Cava de JazzIn 1998 the Jazz Cava association in Vic came up with the idea of creating a jazz festival in order to showcase the work it carries out and to make jazz more accessible to the local community and get more people interested in the music. The first few festivals didn’t have fixed dates in the calendar or a clear artistic direction, since the idea was to promote the seasonal activities at the Cava venue; the festival was a platform for promoting its activity in the county.

By the time the 5th festival came around, the event had an artistic direction with a clear commitment to raising the international profile of the festival and to adopting a more specific programme. The idea of making the festival stand out from the other jazz festivals in Catalonia took shape over the following years and since the 8th festival, in line with the artistic direction’s musical taste and interest in certain jazz artists and genres, the event has been showcasing new trends in jazz in the form of up-and-coming artists and groups or soloists who represent something new on the scene.

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