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The importance of the retail sector for Vic’s economy and citizens is clear to see in the quantity and quality of its shops, which are not only aimed at the local population but also bring in shoppers from other cities outside the county. One of the most important aspects of the city’s retail sector is its broad range, offering everything shoppers might need without losing its special, traditional character. The existence of a highly accessible, dedicated shopping district makes Vic an open-air shopping centre of more than a thousand shops.

First class commercial hub

The city of Vic is the industrial, administrative and commercial centre of the Osona region. Livestock farms and processing industries in the primary sector coexist with a highly diversified industrial fabric and a growing commercial and service sector. In adittion, from the 3 weekly markets (Tuesday and Saturday in the center and Sunday in the south), monthly markets and special events are held, among which the Palm Market, the Live Music Market and the Medieval Market stand out, which attract more than 550,000 visitors to the city.

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Municipal Market

Its slogan is “vendre bo, bé i barat” (good products at a good price)

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Local produce

List of food that forms part of the traditional cuisine of Osona, including pork products and local produce.

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Weather in Vic

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