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Festivals and traditions

One of the city’s major visitor attractions is its wide variety of cultural events, such as the Festa Major (Main Festival) of Sant Miquel dels Sants, the Cantonigrós Music Festival and the Vic Jazz Festival.

Festa Major (Main Festival)

This is the city’s most popular festival and aims to bring together the many forms in which it is celebrated by the local population from across all sectors.

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Cantonigròs International Music Festival

This event is held over four days in July. Groups from all over the world are invited to come and compete in accordance with a set of well-established rules and enjoy the festival spirit. The groups must demonstrate that they possess the required expertise and artistic level.

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Vic Jazz Festival

Two weeks in May devoted to avant-garde jazz, fostering new music and serving as a showcase event for the experimental jazz scene.

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Procession of the Armats (Roman soldiers)

This procession takes place at 9 pm on Palm Sunday in the streets of the historical centre.

Procession of the Armats (Roman soldiers) - Read More…

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