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Vic Pack

A full Saturday in the city! Includes a sausage-themed morning activity, a cultural visit to the MEV, music at the top of the Romanesque bell tower, a guided tour of the historical centre and a stroll around the main shopping streets.

VIC PACK 2016 More things to do 

The price per person is €15 and includes: 

A different activity every Saturday at 12 noon

assecador Riera Ordeix


1st Saturday of each month
Tour of the sausage drying room of Casa Riera Ordeix (1852)



Elaboració d'un fuet

2nd Saturday of each month
Make and customise your own dry-cured sausage at Ca la Teresona (1837)

Taller de pilotilles


3rd Saturday of each month
Meatball workshop at the Plana de Vic Cooperative (1966)



elaboració de butifarra

4th Saturday of each month
Make your own botifarra the way you like it: traditional, char-grilled vegetables, wild mushrooms... at the Roca pork butcher’s




Followed by afternoon cultural activities


MEV Interior

at 3 pm guided tour of the Episcopal Museum




at 4 pm Music at the top of the bell tower





Visita guiada

at 5 pm Guided tour of the historical centre






at 6 pm Stroll around the main shopping streets





Where to purchase tickets:

at the Vic Tourist Office
Plaça del Pes - City Council
Tel. 93 886 20 91

Or through the online booking service at


Option of using the pack on any other day of the week with some variations

Vic Tourist Office reserves the right to change or alter the times or services of this pack.

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