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First class commercial hub

The city of Vic is the industrial, administrative and commercial centre of the Osona region. Livestock farms and processing industries in the primary sector coexist with a highly diversified industrial fabric and a growing commercial and service sector. In adittion, from the 3 weekly markets (Tuesday and Saturday in the center and Sunday in the south), monthly markets and special events are held, among which the Palm Market, the Live Music Market and the Medieval Market stand out, which attract more than 550,000 visitors to the city.

A population of 47,545 inhabitants (Idescat 2022)
GDP per inhabitant Vic 44.200 € ► Catalonia 32.600 € (Idescat 2019)
An area of influence of 1,063,285 people (8 counties <1 hour of displacement)

1,154 commercial and service activities, of which nearly 63% are concentrated in the city centre and 20% in the southern axis of the city
Available premises ► Central axis 183 (20.52%) / South axis 61 (19.87%)
121,738 m2 of commercial area
Commercial density: 17.79 establishments / 1,000 rooms. ► 2,634 m² / 1,000 hab.

20,000 free parking spaces 10 minutes walk from the center
6 additional underground car parks with more than 1,000 parking spaces in the city centre

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Weather in Vic

  • 36°C ·  19°C

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