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Bespoke themed tours

Themed tours related to history, literature or art, etc.

Bisbe i campanar
Bishop Oliba and Mediaeval Vic

The tour includes admission to the crypt and cloister of the cathedral, to the main mediaeval art rooms of the Episcopal Museum, and a trail around the rest of the historical centre (2 hours) 




façana dels Dolors
The baroque city of the Morató family

Discover the Vic baroque style through the works of members of the Morató family. The tour includes admission to the Monastery of Santa Teresa, to the Church of Els Dolors and to City Hall (2 hours) 


Route of the painter J.M. Sert

In recent years, Vic has become an essential place to visit in order to discover the work of Josep M. Sert. The route takes in the cathedral and City Hall (1 hr. 30 min.) 



ruta Ma Àngels Anglada

Maria Àngels Anglada Literary Route

Enjoy readings from a selection of novels and poems by this writer from Vic in the very places that inspired her works: Plaça Major, Carrer de la Riera, the Old Seminary, Casa Fontcuberta... (1 hr. 30 min.) 



Ruta sobre el llibre Laura a la ciutat dels Sants
Route on the theme of the novel “Laura in the City of Saints”

Route that explores the locations and scenes of the masterpiece by Miquel Llor (1894-1966) set in Vic, which narrates the failed marriage between a sensitive girl from Barcelona and the heir of a wealthy local family of landowners, with readings of excerpts of the novel (1 hr. 30 min.)


Auso - Municipi romàThe Roman city of Auso

Tour of Vic focused on the city’s Roman remains, including admission to the archaeology section of the MEV (Episcopal Museum of Vic), the cloisters of Vic Cathedral and the Roman Temple.

Immerse yourself in the Roman origins of the city (1 hr. 30 min.)


Bust Verdaguer
Verdaguer route in the city of Vic

Route around various sites related to the period during which the poet Jacint Verdaguer studied in the city, including readings of excerpts of his works.

Tour organised by the Verdaguer Foundation (1 hr. 30 min.)



Bespoke tours can be booked for any day of the week by calling the Vic Tourist Office on 938 862 091. You are recommended to book one week ahead of the guided tour.
Coach parking service at the Bus Station, 8 minutes' walk from Plaça Major
The cost is €6.50/day, single rate. It is recommended to reserve a place
The cost of loading/unloading passengers is €4.30, single payment per day
Opening time
Tours by arrangement. Please take into account the visit times of the various sites.
Admission prices
Tour guide fees:
€45/hr. guided tour in Catalan or Spanish
€56/hr. guided tour in English or French
This price does not include the admission fees of the sites that charge them
The sign language translation service is offered to groups that request it in advance

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