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L’Atlàntida, the Performing Arts Centre of Osona, is a first-class cultural amenity in Vic

The building has a surface area of 10,000 m2

The Ramon Muntanyà Theatre has stalls and an amphitheatre. The Joaquim Maideu Room is a multi-purpose space thanks to its retractable tiered seating. The Joan Anglada Room is for small-scale events. The vestibules are suitable for events such as presentations or coffee breaks.

Theatre layout capacity
Ramon Montanyà ROom 800
Sala Joaquim Maideu 384
Joan Anglada Room 100

Exterior foyer



C/ Francesc M. Masferrer, 4
08500 Vic
Tel.93 702 7257

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Weather in Vic

  • 33°C ·  18°C

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