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The Vic Plain MTB Centre offers mountain biking enthusiasts more than 200 kilometres of signposted routes and links up with the other two MTB centres in the county of Osona: Sau Valley-Collsacabra and Lluçanès.

Vic Plan MTB Centre

The trails of this MTB centre pass through the Vic Plain, linking Vic, Manlleu and the Portes de Montseny area. The centre links up with two others: the Sau Valley - Collsacabra MTB Centre and the Lluçanès MTB centre, creating a large network of MTB trails in Osona. 

This centre links up with the other two MTB centres in the county, creating a network of signposted MTB routes. There are 11 signposted routes with different difficulty levels, covering over 200 kilometres in total. This centre’s routes are classified as follows: 2 green routes, 5 blue routes, 3 red routes, 1 black route.

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