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Vic’s great wealth of heritage is on display in its museums, above all in the Episcopal Museum of Vic and the Leather Art Museum.

MEV Mediaeval Art Museum

The MEV is one of Europe’s leading museums, housing one of the best collections of Romanesque and Gothic art in the world

MEV Mediaeval Art Museum - Read More…

Leather Art Museum

This museum exhibits the decorative and applied leather art collection put together by Andreu Colomer Munmany, focusing on objects crafted entirely or partially in leather.

Leather Art Museum - Read More…

Museum of Sant Antoni M. Claret

Situated next to the Temple Sepulchre of the saint, this museum offers a comprehensive and educational review of the life of Father Claret: the places where he lived and preached, the activities he carried out and the life he led.

Museum of Sant Antoni M. Claret - Read More…

Balmes Museum

Exhibition of the work of the Vic philosopher Jaume Balmes, in the chamber where he passed away.

Balmes Museum - Read More…

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